The game has faced problems with hackers and the trade of real money – the practice where players sell gambling currency for real money, in violation of the game`s licensing agreement. In 2020, developers were hardly opposed to the practice of buying currency by negotiating with other players in the game, warning players to avoid “constant distribution of objects in raids to other players.” This caused confusion among the players, as concerns were expressed about the limits of legitimate trade in items. [29] “We know what this instrument is designed for,” said a representative at Polygon. “We had to use this tool to stop the wave of misinformation. The important thing is that we did not ban this person in the game. We still allow him to play and broadcast [on Twitch] because he never cheated, never broke the rules of the game and he never broke the rules of the licensing agreement for the game. But in his videos, he spread a lie, and we had to act quickly and stop it. If you`re like the rest of the players, you probably won`t spend time reading dry, long, wordy license agreements, even if it`s sometimes in your best interest. This is understandable because they are super annoying. Escape from Tarkov was launched as a closed Alpha game, which was made available to selected users for the first time on August 4, 2016. [32] Battlestate Games then announced that on December 28, 2016, the game would enter its expanded Alpha phase, which would be available to selected users who pre-ordered the game.

[33] This is the phase where Battlestate released the game in four pre-order stages, the Edge of Darkness edition guaranteeing players access to alpha-build. [33] All players with access were subject to a Privacy Agreement (NDA) and video coverage of streaming gameplay was limited to a few selected players until March 24, 2017, when the NDA was removed. [34] To check what are the escape refund rules from Tarkov, you need to dig deep into your license agreement, which is available on the pre-order page. The agreement goes on and on, and let`s be honest—few people go through the trouble of reading it. This error can be huge if you want your money back. The game`s license agreement, Section 11.1 (under clause, amendment and cancellation of the agreement) states that “if the agreement is terminated in the manner specified in this clause or under other clauses of that contract or by law, battlestate Games Limited will not be refunded or refunded to the user.” You have ten days to terminate the contract with a written declaration, after which there is no refund, so it reads. It also seems that it is up to Battlestate Games to decide if your case is correct for a refund. Since then, several players have reported bans under this new non-sharing rule, which does not appear in Tarkov`s end-user license agreement or the official rules of the game at the time of writing, although the increase is mentioned in the rules. The non-refund policy is repeated several times in the text and refers to different situations in which the user wishes to terminate the contract or when the game is stopped. AUSSI: No Man`s Sky Cross-Play – Xbox Game Pass opens up a new world for all Apart from that, notorious for extremely violent content, Escape from Tarkov is infamous for its refund policy, or lack thereof.

Battlestate Games has been accused of abusing YouTube`s DMCA system to remove negative videos of Escape from Tarkov. Eroktic YouTube users posted a video accusing Battlestate Games of leaking user information, leading Battlestate Games to post DMCAs on 47 YouTube videos posted by the user; Two of them were withdrawn because they allegedly spread false information, the rest because of the spread of “negative hype”. [39] While Battlestate Games initially stated that they had only used DMCA claims on one user, it was later learned that another YouTuber had received complaints – both reported that they had lost public and revenue. [40] The Battlestate Games T account