2) In which tender package (TP) insert “automatic sliding doors”? Is it electromechanical (EM), like elevators and escalators? Who is accusing him? The architect or the EM engineer? This is a pre-bidding document. This document primarily describes four things: the contractor`s eligibility criteria, the 2nd time line of Project 3. Contract working method and 4. Specification of materials with quantity (BOQ). 3. In [Document Name] – Alternative Suggestions, I/We conclude alternative proposals, as well as calculations that we believe, could offer better value to the institution than the necessary proposal. I/We do not propose alternative proposals to Appendix C – Alternatives Proposals – Delete, if necessary 2.2 Prices to be included in the contract are the prices indicated in [document name] of our offer; or, if the institution chooses another proposal from the [name of the document], it is the prices displayed in [the name of the document] for that proposal. 2. Terms and conditions.

I/We agree that this offer and any contract that may result from it are based on the documents listed below and that the buyer is the [give to the legal person of your institution (z.B the University Tribunal of the Institution)]. While the tender documents contain the terms of the contract and all the details for the work indicated, there is no big difference in content between the two. However, tender documents cannot be submitted in the form of an acceptance letter (LOA), as they are two distinct types of documents. While a tender document cannot compel the contractor to process the work, a contractual document requires the contractor to complete the work in accordance with the agreement. You also need to think about how important the customer is to your business. Is it a good potential customer or a customer you don`t want to offend by not calling for the tender? Try to understand things from the customer`s point of view. The prosodies that can be accepted when preparing tenders invited by an artitect, make sure first and foremost that the offer is delivered on time – it is unlikely that organizations will review your offer if it arrives after the deadline. Maybe you want to deliver it yourself, by hand, to make sure it arrives safely.

Contact the organization to verify that they have received it. 1) What tender price documentation formats are available for different markets? Also their opinion and experience, what are the pros and cons of each type? You should also be aware that in the future, the information contained in your offer may be disclosed in accordance with the law that respects access to public body documents and the protection of personal data.