Fuck uhaul not and I repeat, do not give them business these ppl falsely reported my stolen uhaul with all my belongings always inside took him out of the tow yard and the Curtis staff staged a burglary and stole all my personal belongings from their repwest insurance company is also wrong asf, if you happen to Oakland away from uhaul by the Coliseum U haul is the most unfe professional service I`ve ever known in my life booked a 17ft for 9am and get confirmation and the truck is not there, we get to another place and the place is closed left a voicemail and the answer was that you accept the truck at 10 o`clock or jump into a lake went to the place of origin and , take it at 10 o`clock or not get one and as a woman has been called a by the board of owner GO BUDGET TRUCK u haul will never again recover my business I hope they will go bankrupt A uhaul truck to move my disabled son and daughter into law in their new home. It has everything online and got the app 24/7. At the starting point, the trader closed early. Activates the application UHAUL CHARGED our credit card TheN DENIED US ACCESS TO A TRUCK! Supposedly for an unpaid bill back in 07 (it`s now 2019!) We know that the bill was paid by our Atty for an almost fatal car accident. No understanding and now we have to wait until the stop is released for the money they took! I will never rent U HAUL or I will recommend it. I may be less important that they have merchants on everfy corner. I will drive the extra hour to rent from budget AND get unlimited mileage and more time! U HAUL SUCKS! Don`t trust Uhaul. If something happens to your car because Uhaul employees It is not possible to inform you of what is best for a safe and unsealed move, they will refuse you completely and avoid you until the application expires or they close it. I went to Uhaul in Concord, a week before I left, to see if my car could qualify for anything to support my move. I told them I was going from Pittsburg, CA to Norcross, GA, and they told me that my car was fine and that they had to order an attack for my car, because there was no one on site to register my car. Then they attached the trailer to my 2015 Nissan Versa. My father and I barely arrived in Kingman, Arizona, before my gear exploded and the car was completely locked off the highway on the weight of the trailer. It took about 10-15, just to cut it further to leave the highway safely.

We were stuck and we were calling for help. When we finally had someone to help me, they had me tow my car separately on my insurance and came to pick up the trailer. Then they charged me another $667.30 to have a 15-10 with a flat bed for my car. Less than 24 hours ago, when I paid 645.15 $US for the trailer hitch and trailer, they didn`t realize it wasn`t for my car at all. I filed a complaint with Repwest Insurance and it was said that a diagnostic test is needed to prove that my gear was damaged to make their trailer. Gave them all they asked for and I always got the ride for 10 months and during that time I picked up my car for 9286.39 $US (a fee of spite), spent 1311.88 $US at Lyft and 2047.24 $US in Uber-trips just to get back and forth to work. More than paying a car ticket for 466.89 $US and insurance for $139.19 for 2 months, because I didn`t have to drive my car before it was taken, because it would be cut off and would make toc noises when it was driving. I sent many emails and complaints from anywhere in which direction and called non stop, but nothing.