While a subcontracting agreement seems to be a way for subcontractors to protect themselves rather than subcontractors, it may actually benefit subcontractors more than contractors. It is a formal written document that outlines the work, schedule, and other important factors for construction. Knowledge of all these factors can protect subcontractors, as they can prove what the contractor or owner must do. Subcontractors can avoid some of the most damaging clauses by reading and not accepting unfair risks in their subcontracting agreement. And the subcontract is a place for subcontractors to assert their rights and improve their business. Of course, the work must take place in one place. In the next section, “V. Site”, we need to define where the subcontractor should be physically present if they work for the contractor. If it is a fixed location, select the first control box in this section and enter the street address on the first space, the city on the second space, and the state on the third space. If the location is to be determined (by the contractor) in the future, mark the second check box.

This agreement provides for an official civil date on which the subcontractor should start work. Note the month and two-digit calendar day of that start date on the first space in “VI start date,” and then note the double-digit year of that date on the second space. We must also send the calendar date on which the contractor expects the subcontractor to complete the given employment contract. Three control box instructions were given in “VII. Completion. You must select the control box that corresponds to the statement that best indicates when this command should be completed. If there is a certain amount of time for this assignment, enable the first box box command. Note: Set the expected scheduled completion date with both spaces according to the words “. Specific date of » If everyone knows how long the type of work that is entrusted to the subcontractor should take, choose the second declaration “In accordance with industry standards”. If none of these instructions apply, select the “Other” checkbox and use the space to determine when and/or how this assignment should be considered complete. The payment provided by the subcontractor for the performance of this work must be included in this document. We will take on this task in Article VIII. Payment amount”, one of the three checkbox instructions to be selected.

If the contractor pays the subcontractor a lump sum for the contract, select the first statement and indicate the dollar amount representing the full payment on the void provided. If the contractor pays an hourly rate to the subcontractor while working on the project, select the second instruction and enter the hourly rate in the empty line before the term “per hour”. If none of these statements correctly describe the payment that the subcontractor expects from the contractor, activate the third check box. This choice requires a report on what the contractor must pay to the subcontractor who is established on the empty site in front of the “payment” label. .