It shall be issued, after inspection and inspection, to a specific commercial navigation vessel which satisfies the applicable requirements of these Regulations. This Agreement constitutes the general rules applicable to the particular circumstances of the particular professions provided for in Chapter III(e)(ii) of Rule No 1 of Rule No 11 and in Chapter III(b)(iv) of Rule 3 of the Convention. with a view to formulating, in accordance with the above-mentioned regulations, the general rules imposing the minimum safety standards applicable to the particular circumstances of these professions, “special commercial passenger” is a passenger who is carried in special traffic in premises on the meteorological deck, on the deck and/or between decks accommodating more than eight passengers. Special Rules for Passenger Ships, 1971 This Agreement may be amended by unanimous agreement between the Governments which are Parties to the Convention. It is a ship that carries a large number of non-Western passengers in special professions such as trading pilgrims in a limited maritime area around the Indian Ocean. Special Agreement on Passenger Ships, 1971Abstitution: 6 October 1971Acord: 2 January 1974 The application of a revision or amendment of the Convention to such ships shall be examined by the Governments which are Parties to this Convention and which are directly interested in special transport, and such Governments, if necessary, shall amend this Agreement in accordance with Article VII of this Agreement. This Convention shall enter into force six months after the date on which three Parties to the Convention have signed this Convention, without reservation, with regard to acceptance or instruments of acceptance or accession deposited with the Organization in accordance with Article V; provided that at least two of those governments are governments of States in whose territory ships exercising a particular profession are registered or whose nationals are carried on board ships exercising those professions. .