(a) the total remuneration costs of the board of directors for members of bargaining units; or (4) Despite subsections (1) and (2), a collective agreement remains in force for the duration of the agreement. It calls for an end to a strike or lockout and provides a mechanism for reaching a new collective agreement. (2) If a mediator-arbitrator appointed under this Act makes an arbitral award before the parties have entered into a new collective agreement, the final offer voting procedure is completed. (9) If the parties enter into a new collective agreement in respect of a bargaining unit, they shall inform the mediator-arbitrator and the mediation arbitration proceeding shall be terminated. 15. (1) The mediator-arbitrator shall have exclusive jurisdiction over all matters which he considers necessary for the conclusion of a new collective agreement. (c) can be implemented appropriately without the Committee being loss-making. 6. After the parties established a new collective agreement for a bargaining unit, the Industrial Relations Act, 1995 regulates the right to strike of bargaining unit members and the right of the board of directors to exclude members from the bargaining unit. We will continue to provide information to our school communities as soon as it becomes available. Honestly, (6) In an arbitral award, the mediator-arbitrator may make effective an agreement announced under subsection 4 or (5) only if the mediator-arbitrator is satisfied that he can do so without violating subsection 18.1. Following the Ontario English Catholic Teachers` Association`s (OECTA) announcement that it would suspend its rotating strikes this week, all WECDSB schools will open on Friday, September 28.

February 2020, be open to students. TORONTO – After months of difficult negotiations, Unifor detention and maintenance staff at the Windsor-Essex Catholic District School Board (WECDSB) have ratified a new four-year collective agreement. The Ontario English Catholic Teachers` Association has entered into a preliminary agreement with the provincial government and the Ontario Catholic School Trustees` Association. The purpose of this letter is to provide our families with an important update on labour relations. Approximately 55,000 Ontario School Board employees, represented by the Canadian Union of Public Employees (CUPE), will be on legal strike on Monday, September 30, including approximately 400 auxiliaries from the Windsor-Essex Catholic District School Board. On our Board of Directors, CUPE represents assistants such as teaching assistants, designated early childhood educators, sign language interpreters, speech-language pathologists, attendance counsellors, psychological staff, psychologists, child and youth workers, psychotherapists, educational interventions and pedagogical audiologists. We expect that the first phase of the work action, which begins on Monday, September 30, will be “rule work” actions. .